Action Potential

Joseph McCaleb

Joseph McCaleb, MPT, BSAT, COMT is a Licensed Physical Therapist who practices at the Fillmore location of Action Potential Physical Therapy.  Joe received his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX in 2005.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, earned in 1996, from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ.  Joe is currently enrolled at the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy University and is pursuing his National Fellowship Certification through Action Potential Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Joe’s varied clinical experience and self-described ‘eclectic approach’ to therapy set him apart from most other physical therapists.  Not only does he have experience in acute and outpatient orthopedics, wound and burn care, and inpatient neurological rehabilitation, but he also has extensively researched concepts that define integrative care.  His published paper, “Group and Home Based Tai Chi in Elderly Subjects with Knee Osteoarthritis,” serves as a poignant illustration. 

Perhaps most unique about Joseph is his nationally recognized expertise in kinesiology taping.  Joe is the only full time pro-taper for KT Tape, the largest kinesiology tape company in the Unites States.  According to Joe, kinesiology taping serves as an adjunct to sound and effective traditional physical therapy, facilitating joint mobility and muscular control, and decreasing pain.

In his free time, Joe revels in good music and time spent with his dog, Butterscotch, and cat, Daisy.  He especially enjoys climbing 14ers and hiking.  Currently, he is preparing for a successful summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, in 2015.